2023 BEST


Tops Redevelopment
by Asia Architecture and Design Awards


Location: Cebu, Philippines

Company: ArchiGlobal Inc.

Designer: ArchiGlobal Inc.

The Tops Redevelopment, also known as "Top of Cebu", stands tall on a 3-hectare site and offers a mesmerizing 360-degree panoramic view of the bustling Cebu Metropolis, the enchanting Bohol Sea, the azure Mactan Channel and its islands to the east, and the lush greenery of the protected watershed mountains to the west. Designed as a commercial hub complemented by recreational and hospitality spaces, the complex ingeniously revolves around the existing circular viewing deck, ensuring that every corner and establishment enjoys the stunning vista.

The iconic semi-circle structure that encircles the circular viewing deck houses a variety of shops and restaurants, allowing visitors to savor both the delectable delicacies of Cebu and its world-class furniture offerings while basking in the city's beauty. A lively "mercadillo" or open market stretches along the ridge, serving as the main approach to the circular deck and doubling as a space to showcase the city's local art and products. Adding to the allure, the ridge also hosts a mini-golf course, a hotel, and office floors, elevating the experience of all who visit.

A key feature of the Tops Redevelopment is its striking circular banded form, resembling the minute markers of a clock. Illuminated by profile lights, the structure dynamically glows, becoming a prominent and unmistakable landmark visible from both the city below and approaching airplanes at the island's international airport. This architectural brilliance sets Tops apart, ensuring it becomes a coveted postcard destination in the Philippines.

Notably, the Tops Redevelopment project comes on the heels of Cebu's UNESCO Creative City of Design recognition in 2019. Cebu has long been celebrated for its colorful festivals, beach resort destinations, and historical church architecture, speaking volumes about its Christian heritage. The city's evolution into a hub of creative design and visual arts is now perfectly embodied by the Tops Redevelopment, encompassing all of Cebu's cultural brilliance in a single awe-inspiring space.

The developers of Tops embraced the challenge of integrating several functions into the ridge site, skillfully crafting a progressive journey for visitors to fully appreciate the breathtaking views. The climax of this journey is reached on the expansive circular open deck, where visitors can witness the grandeur of the Cebu metropolis, bathed in the glow of the sun and the city's vibrant energy.

Moreover, the Tops Redevelopment holds a special surprise for revelers, as it will serve as a New Year's Eve destination like no other. The circular deck, with its illuminated bands mimicking the clock's minute markers, will usher in the countdown to the new year in a dazzling display of lights. As the clock strikes midnight, guests will be treated to an extravagant burst of fireworks, transforming the Tops into one of the most sought-after New Year's Eve experiences worldwide.

The commercial complex's design meticulously addresses the region's warm weather, strong winds, and cultural significance. Employing building materials that combine strength, thermal insulation, and aesthetic appeal, the Tops Redevelopment exhibits a harmonious blend of modern architecture and vernacular charm. The roof structures boast synthetic weave materials, ensuring excellent insulation properties, while the translucent and clear roof materials in the "mercadillo" allow sunlight to penetrate the spaces, creating a vibrant atmosphere.

The Tops Redevelopment is not merely a commercial venture; it represents Cebu's cultural legacy and economic vibrance, positioning itself as a symbol of the city's bright future. With its well-planned spaces and captivating design, this crown jewel atop the mountain will continue to draw a constant influx of tourists, further enhancing the project's profitability as a commercial and cultural haven.

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