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The Asia Architecture Design Awards (AADA 2024) is an annual, prestigious award organized by the Asia Awards Organization (AAO). There are 30 award categories in 6 disciplines: Architecture Design; Interior Design; Furniture Design; Firms for Architecture Design; Firms for Interior Design; Firms in Furniture; Manufacturing and Retailing. Submissions to the Asia Architecture & Design Awards – AADA 2024 are accepted through the award's official website: https://aadawards.com/. Upon nominating your project to the 2024 AADA and confirming the entry fees, the applicant consents to AADA's Terms and Conditions, and gives permission to receive correspondence and information related to AADA.


Projects from any location in Asia are eligible to submit to the AADA. Applications are accepted whether the projects are complete or partially finished, regardless of their newness or antiquity.
Projects that have won a prize in another contest are entitled to participate.
Applicants can submit as many projects as they wish in an unlimited number of entries. Each category, however, requires an additional fee to be paid.
For registration, each project must include a publicly disclosed name of the individual, architectural firm, or business that owns or designed it. Submitted works must have prior authorization from their original owner or creator.
AADA retains the right to eliminate any duplicate project that is submitted by multiple designers, architects, or firms.
AADA reserves the right to participate if the information provided is imprecise or the jury has concerns about the transparency and accuracy of the submission.
Applicants can review their submissions by logging in to the AADA website https://aadawards.com/. All applications must be submitted in English; submissions written in any other language will be immediately disqualified.


The submission must take place before 11:59 PM Singapore time on 31 January, 2024; failure to comply with this deadline will result in the ineligibility of applications.
All submissions must be nominated through the form on the website: https://aadawards.com/. The form requires applicants to provide their name, address, email, and phone number. Account holders have the capability to modify this information at any time.
Unless fees are settled, applications will not be accepted.
After completion of the submission process, the applicant is not able to make any further changes.


Entries are evaluated solely on the content that is presented. Applicants are required to submit 10 photographs as part of their application, including images of the project or unit and technical drawings (where applicable). For photos to be considered, they must be genuine and of superior quality. Digital manipulation of images that drastically alter the texture of the project is not accepted. Each photograph must not exceed 5MB and be in one of the following formats: PNG, JPG, or JPEG.
Hand-drawn sketches and conceptual designs are both permissible for project submission. Accompanying the images must be clearly stated captions. If the quality of the image is substandard or insufficient to evaluate the project, AADA does not have an obligation to rectify or adjust it.
The applicants are obligated to take full responsibility for all copyright and related rights issues associated with the project, and provide AADA indemnification in case of any potential legal disputes (if any dispute arises).


The registration fee is determined by the submission date set according to the time of registration indicated on the AADA website. Registration fee is 180 USD per nomination (paid before 30 November, 2023) and 200 USD per nomination (paid from 1 December, 2023 - 30 January, 2024). The registration fee is converted from local currency to USD.
The participation fee will be paid via wire transfer to the AADA official bank account or via a third-party payment gateway on the AADA website https://aadawards.com/.
Payment invoices will be sent to the registered billing address within 14 days from the date of payment.


Submitted projects can be withdrawn from AADA at any stage; however, the registration fees are non-refundable.


Official Open for Registration
30 August, 2023
Early Entry Deadlines
30 November, 2023
Standard Entry Deadlines
31 January, 2024


After completing the submission, the applicant receives a confirmation email from AADA within 3–5 business days.
There are 20 judges from 5 countries who are experts, professors, and influencers in the fields of architecture, and interior design. Information about the jury members is published on the awards website after registration ends.
AADA ensures fairness and transparency in the judging process. The decision of the jury is final. AADA does not accept and is not responsible for resolving any appeals against the jury's decision.
The winner for each category is the project with the highest score, determined by the judging panel based on the specified criteria. Each project is evaluated separately based on the category in which it is registered.


Projects that have been shortlisted will be notified via email. Applicants who are not shortlisted will not receive any emails from AADA.
The winners of the AADA 2023 Awards are revealed on the website https://aadawards.com/ on May 2024 and are invited to attend the 2024 AADA Winners’ Night in Bangkok, Thailand in June 2024.
All applicants who wish to receive transcripts and comments from the jury have to pay an additional 500 USD.
The process of announcing nominations and winners is entirely determined by AADA. Applicants must accept that awards may not be announced or awarded in the same way.


AADA does not store any debit, credit card, or other financial-related information.
The personal information provided by the applicants will not be shared with any third parties. Only AADA staff and the jury have access to this information for marketing purposes.
Applicants must ensure that the personal information provided to AADA is accurate, unmodified, and does not violate local laws. AADA reserves the right to claim compensation for any expenses incurred as a result of the applicant providing false information.


Copyright and other rights remain with the designer, architect, and business.
AADA reserves the right to use the information submitted by applicants for non-commercial purposes, which includes: unlimited use of AADA publications, media channels (print and digital), and AADA media partners. AADA will fully credit the source of the information.
By nominating your project, you have granted AADA permission to use the submitted photos for marketing purposes in any event, such as exhibition, print and digital.
AADA 2024 winner information and images are used for marketing and advertising campaigns related to the Asian Architecture Awards (AADA) and the Asia Awards Organization (AAO).
After the submission is finished, it is the responsibility of applicants to make sure that they are aware of and fulfilling all legal rights and obligations connected with any data or images presented to AADA. Furthermore, AADA holds the right to seek recompense for any costs caused by the applicant giving false information.


Should AADA become aware of any alleged copyright infringements, we reserve the right to delete the relevant data and visuals, or cancel the corresponding award without the approval of the owners.
AADA is not responsible for any unfavorable effects (diminished profits, harmed credibility, impaired business, destruction or deterioration of data or information) which may result from the provision of the aforementioned information to AADA.
At any given time, AADA reserves the right to uphold its obligations as prescribed by these terms. To legally and validly do so, all applicants must obtain AADA's written consent prior to exercising their rights and responsibilities stated in these terms. AADA is not liable for failure to meet its obligations under these terms in case any circumstances arise without notice.


By providing the information found on https://aadawards.com/, the applicant acknowledges that AADA has permission to store documents relating to projects, businesses, and organizations in its database. This information is strictly restricted to only the AADA staff and the judging panel.