2023 BEST


by Asia Architecture and Design Awards


Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Designer: Thanapat Pattarapongpan, Chalothorn Niemhom / Positive Monday Plus Co. Ltd

Positive Monday+ is an interior architecture design studio based in Bangkok, Thailand. Founded with the vision of embracing diverse interior design projects, the studio finds joy in crafting designs that reflect the essence of each project, allowing them to possess their own unique identities. Their aim is to create stunning interior designs that captivate project owners and provide exceptional experiences for the users who interact with their spaces.

The studio approaches design with a constant thirst for innovation and an eagerness to learn and experiment with new ideas. They actively seek out fresh challenges, always striving to push the boundaries of what is possible. Their unwavering commitment lies in designing spaces that truly resonate with the project owners and ensure their individuality is beautifully portrayed. Additionally, they prioritize the happiness and satisfaction of the users who engage with their designs, endeavoring to create spaces that offer memorable experiences.

What sets Positive Monday+ apart is not only their meticulous approach to design but also their dedication to using design work that benefits society. They strive to create a better society, foster relationships, and promote activities in well-utilized spaces that maximize benefits for the users involved in the project. Moreover, they prioritize environmental conservation and eco-friendliness by employing materials that can be recycled or repurposed and refurbishing old design elements to enhance their quality.

For residential projects, Positive Monday+ focuses on improving the quality of life for families or users. They aim to create highly functional spaces that cater to their needs, fostering collaborative activities among family members to enhance their relationships. Furthermore, they emphasize designing spaces that reflect the individuality of the homeowners and maintain the unique identity of their designs.

Positive Monday+ has its strengths in being a studio specializing in interior architectural design with experience in various project types. Each project they design reflects the identity of its owner excellently, with outstanding interior architectural design that meets the specific needs of the project owner. They prioritize studying the lifestyle, behavior patterns, and preferences of the residents or users of the project in detail before starting the design process. This ensures that their interior design work meets the highest standards of usability.

In every interior architectural design project, Positive Monday+ explores the possibilities of creating something new. The design of each project focuses on creating the best possible experience within a suitable budget. They effectively manage the construction budget alongside quality design work and achieve tangible results.

Throughout the design process, they make adjustments to ensure flexibility and suitability for the work they undertake, aiming for the best possible outcome. This ultimately leads to the production of interior architectural designs with comprehensive and clear details of high quality.

In the construction phase, Positive Monday+ pays attention to the execution of work and conducts regular inspections on-site. They often make necessary adjustments to suit the project's circumstances, emphasizing quality control and problem-solving in real construction situations.

A successful design for Positive Monday+ is one that strikes the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. The studio pays meticulous attention to detail, creating harmonious and visually stunning environments. By thoughtfully combining architectural design and appropriate material usage, they aim to create spaces that not only look beautiful but also enhance the overall experience for the users.

Positive Monday+ Design Studio continues to shine as a leading force in the interior architecture industry in Bangkok, Thailand. With their dedication to innovation, commitment to society, and unwavering focus on creating exceptional experiences, they are poised to transform spaces and leave a positive impact for years to come. For those seeking a blend of creativity, functionality, and uniqueness, Positive Monday+ stands out as the epitome of interior architectural design excellence.