2023 BEST


by Asia Architecture and Design Awards

Location: Nha Trang, Vietnam
Company: Sunjin Vietnam Joint Venture
Designer/Architect: Tran Nguyen Quang, Trinh Trung Hieu, Dinh Van Thanh, Luong Van Thanh / Sunjin Vietnam Joint Venture Company
Stakeholder/Owner: DATRACO. LTD

Nestled in the picturesque coastal city, Grand Tourane Nha Trang Hotel ingeniously weaves together traditional indigenous elements with globally renowned imagery, creating a masterpiece that pays homage to the enchanting Nha Trang Bay.

On a construction site measuring 1235 m2, the building, which is 21 stories high and has a floor area of 15 200 m2, features a full range of amenities, including 162 rooms, ranging from standard to presidential class, all with breathtaking views of the cityscape; an infinity pool on the rooftop that is more than 500 m2 in size; a two-story restaurant; a conference room that is more than 650 m2; and a massage and fitness center in the attic room.

Hotel's concept combines traditional indigenous and global well-known image concepts in architecture, such as the haphazard splashes of water on Nha Trang Bay's shore - one of the world's most famous bays, the distinctively soft curves of the coastline's natural landscape, and the iconic bird's nest on the cliffs - a famous culinary specialty that draws tourists to Khanh Hoa province.

The building offers cutting-edge design, first-rate conveniences, and an ideal ecology for visitors to experience the various, breathtaking, and unrivaled views of the urban natural landscape of Nha Trang Bay in all interior spaces, particularly the 162 high-class rooms.

The building's front incorporated natural and spontaneous combinations of curved glass and arched windows, giving the sides of the structure an open aspect. With high-rise buildings, the placement of the elevators and technical sections is unfavorable. The top floor's design is ideal for the rooms, which are situated there and provide inside views of the surrounding area. The main lobby's curved roof and curved walls mimic Marilyn Monroe's iconic sensual picture of a Hollywood female star. The design also organized the pool's space with an oval-shaped infinity at the top to create an elevated feature and offer visitors a premium amenity when they can take in the bay and urban environment with a view that extends in all directions.

By utilizing and fusing the values between native and foreign images to produce a distinct but recognizable visual impression for Vietnamese and foreign tourists, the Grand Tourane Nha Trang Hotel contributes to the identity of the area's overall landscape, including the urban zone and coastal zone.

To create a tourism-style hotel that adhered to green hotel standards in Nha Trang, this included adopting sustainable values, utilizing natural lighting and ventilation, limiting waste, and using non-renewable energy and natural resources.

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