Vacons: A Decade of Excellence in Executing Office Design and Construction for Multinational Projects in Vietnam

by Asia Architecture and Design Awards

In Vietnam's dynamic business landscape, one company stands out for its exceptional achievements and unwavering commitment to excellence. Vacons, a leading project management and consulting firm, has established a remarkable track record over the past decade, successfully delivering over 250 projects across the country.

Vacons' expertise spans a wide range of industries, including construction, manufacturing, energy, and technology. Their versatility is evident in their portfolio, which showcases their ability to handle diverse projects, from commercial and residential buildings to industrial complexes and infrastructure development. Whether it's designing cutting-edge office facilities or state-of-the-art manufacturing plants, Vacons consistently delivers exceptional results.

The CBRE office in Hanoi, Vietnam.

A key highlight of Vacons' success lies in their ability to manage and deliver a multitude of projects in Vietnam, with an impressive 99% of their clients being multinational companies. This achievement speaks volumes about the trust and confidence placed in Vacons by renowned global enterprises seeking to establish their presence in Vietnam. Their comprehensive understanding of local regulations, customs, and market dynamics enables them to navigate the complexities and challenges associated with executing projects in the country.

Beyond their expertise in project management, Vacons is deeply committed to sustainable development and environmental conservation. They prioritize the use of energy-efficient materials, incorporate green technologies, and employ sustainable construction techniques. By doing so, Vacons ensures that their projects not only meet high-quality standards but also contribute to a greener future for Vietnam.

The Hasbro office in Haiphong, Vietnam

Two standout projects that highlight Vacons' capabilities are the CBRE office and the Hasbro office. The CBRE office in Hanoi combines modern professionalism with Vietnamese elements, creating an inviting space that enhances social cohesion through biophilic design principles. The Hasbro office in Haiphong exudes a dynamic and energetic atmosphere, incorporating a consistent theme of bold blue colors that represents the vibrant spirit of the city.

Both projects have received accolades and have been recognized as top 100 outstanding projects at the Asia Architecture Design Awards 2023. These achievements further exemplify Vacons' commitment to excellence and innovation.

Looking ahead, Vacons is poised for growth as they seek to expand their portfolio by attracting new multinational clients and embarking on ambitious projects that contribute to Vietnam's economic prosperity. Mr. Dang The My, CEO & Founder of Vacons, envisions the company becoming a regional leader in project management and consultancy, driving urban development and setting new industry standards.

Mr. Dang The My, CEO & Founder of Vacons.

With their relentless commitment to innovation and excellence, Vacons continues to make significant strides, solidifying their position at the forefront of Vietnam's construction industry. Their unwavering dedication ensures they will shape the future of urban development in the country, leaving a lasting impact on the landscape.

Visit Vacons's website at https://vacons.com.vn/ to learn more about their remarkable portfolio./.