Recognizing Creativity in Asia Sets New Benchmarks

Recognizing Creativity in Asia Sets New Benchmarks
by Asia Architecture and Design Awards

Recognizing Creativity in Asia Sets New Benchmarks

Great innovations can change and reset the standards of a field, which is why mechanisms to measure and reward these achievements are so important. This is the very reason for being for the Singapore-based Asia Awards Organization, an enterprise that develops and promotes creative excellence in various fields. Its sole mission is to showcase the groundbreaking achievement and societal contributions, with the belief that excellence can be found in companies of all sizes.

Vice President of Partnership Development of the Asia Awards Organization Mr. Dylan Yip, said participating in international awards was a trend that businesses appreciated, and that in recent years more individuals and businesses were actively participating because they were realizing the practical benefits.

“These awards are not only a proper way to honor individuals and organizations, but also an industry standard that affirms the quality of services and products, It is an opportunity to promote and expand business networks and relationships, to raise someone’s status and prestige, and is a stepping stone for individuals, organizations, and businesses to more easily integrate into the world,” he said.

“Simply put, if a product, individual or business is good enough, it must be recognized internationally. When an individual or organization representing that country wins an award, it is a matter of pride and a way for the world to remember you and your country,” My Yip added.

AAO sets industry’s benchmark

To this end, the AAO will host three major award events in 2023. The first is the Asia Architecture and Design Awards, an annual award consisting of 30 award categories in the disciplines of architecture, interior design, and furniture design; the second is the Asia Hospitality Awards, which will be an annual celebration of excellence and innovation in the travel and tourism sector; and finally, The Asia Best Workplace Awards encompass the field of Human Resources to provide a yearly recognition and certification of businesses that excel, influence and develop the best talent.

Chief of Marketing Officer of the Asia Awards Organization, Mr. Timothy Wong said being relevant was the greatest inspiration for individuals and organizations to renew themselves and thrive. “These awards are setting the standard for the industry with our judging criteria, which reflects the ageless principles that have continually proven to drive better business results,” he said.

“They also represent our goal of providing a platform for the emerging Asian architecture and design industry. Outstanding Asian design, projects, individuals, organizations, and businesses should be more appropriately honored because they are some of the finest practitioners in the world.”

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"The Asian Architecture and Design Awards is both a mechanism to honor the best in our industry, and also a place to connect, exchange and share ideas, and bring practical value ​​to individuals, businesses, and communities. The award criteria reflect the spectrum of the architecture and design industry and will help individuals and firms reflect on and improve the quality of their services and products. In addition, with the participation of leading experts in the field from academia and private practice, and the presence of international media, the AADA will be an opportunity for professionals in the industry to improve their profile and recognition,” Mr. Wong said.