by Asia Architecture and Design Awards

The Asia Architecture Design Awards (AADA) 2023 concluded with an award ceremony in Singapore on the evening of August 14, presenting a vibrant panorama of Asian architecture. Building on this success, AADA 2024 is officially underway with the theme "Emerging Asia - Asia on the Rise."

AADA 2023 winner's night at Singapore.

Dylan Yip, Vice President of Partnership Development of Asia Awards Organization (AAO), the organizing body of AADA, shared: "The architecture and design industry is undergoing a revolution driven by remarkable technological advancements. Across Asia, from the vibrant streets of Singapore to the bustling metropolis of Bangkok, from the ancient city of New Delhi to the opulence of Abu Dhabi, architects and artistic souls are offering innovative ideas and solutions by blending tradition and modernity, history and technology, human needs, and environmental sustainability."

We are witnessing the growth of major cities like Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore, and Bangkok, with unique skyscrapers and stunning urban landscapes. Additionally, countries such as China, India, and Vietnam have become prominent destinations in the field of architecture, showcasing exceptional and world-class architectural works.

"With the theme 'Emerging Asia,' AADA 2024 aims to celebrate the ingenuity and imagination displayed by architects and designers with vision. The honored projects will exemplify the perfect balance between modern and traditional architecture, reshaping urban landscapes and cultural identities across Asian nations," stated Dylan Yip.

AADA 2024 will feature 30 award categories across six main fields: Architecture Design, Interior Design, Furniture Design, Firms in Architecture Design, Firms in Interior Design, and Firms in Furniture Manufacturing & Retailing.

According to Alberto Beretta, CEO of I.F.O SRL and Chairman of the AADA 2023 Judging Panel, and a member of the AAO Advisory Board: "The Asia Architecture Design Awards 2023 witnessed many outstanding works that showcased the dialogue between our era and architecture through the clever, refined, and sensitive approach of architects. With the success of AADA 2023, I am optimistic about the explosion in both quantity and quality we will see in AADA 2024."

Aticha Chareerat, CEO and Founder of PAD Space Artisan and a member of the Advisory Board, added: "AADA 2024 will be an award recognizing architectural designs that are innovative, boundary-pushing, and paving the way for the future of architecture in the region. Through this, AADA will become an important platform for celebrating excellence in architecture, raising standards for the design and construction community in the region."

The Asia Architecture Design Awards - AADA 2024 will open for registration from August 2023 until the end of January 2024. From March to May 2024, a panel of judges comprising experts in architecture, design, real estate, and related fields will evaluate the submissions. The award ceremony is scheduled for June 2024 in Bangkok, Thailand, and is expected to inspire and provide a strong platform for the future growth of the Asian architecture and design industry.