Asia Awards Association Launches Three Major New Honors

by Asia Architecture and Design Awards

Asia is fast emerging in many fields of endeavor, particularly in the softer fields of economic growth such as design, tourism, hospitality, and service-based industries. Because of this, the idea of ‘human capital’ and the worth and value that an organization's people possess are seen as having growing importance.

The Singapore-based Asia Awards Organization is an enterprise that develops and promotes creative excellence in various fields. Its sole mission is to showcase groundbreaking achievement and societal contributions, with the belief that excellence can be found in companies of companies of all sizes. To this end, the AAO will host three major award events in 2023.


The first is the Asia Architecture and Design Awards, an annual award consisting of 30 award categories in the disciplines of architecture, interior design, and furniture design to honor excellence in the projects and products created by individuals and organizations in the industry which have had a positive impact on the infrastructure development of the region.


The second is the Asia Hospitality Awards, which will be an annual celebration of excellence and innovation in the travel and tourism sector, encompassing hotels and resorts, restaurants, bars and tour operators in delivering international standard services and innovations in six disciplines and 30 award categories.

Finally, The Asia Best Workplace Awards encompass the field of Human Resources to provide a yearly recognition and certification of businesses that attract and develop the best talent in seven disciplines and 30 award categories.


With the mission of honoring outstanding businesses, organizations, and individuals who have contributed to raising the profile of Asian brands, and are pioneering in promoting social development, the Asia Awards Organization (AAO) will stage three major awards in 2023.

Asia-Pacific is now the world's fastest-growing region, home to new technologies, a skilled workforce, and a thriving middle class. In recent years, investment resources for Asia have increased. According to experts, in the not-too-distant future, Asia-Pacific will become the world economic center, which can account for about 70% of global GDP.

"Over the past three decades, Asia-Pacific can be proud of its transformation, becoming a region of innovation," said Dylan Yip, Deputy General Director of Strategy at the Asia Awards. Even the 21st century is considered the "Asia-Pacific Century ". In that context, many individuals and businesses have taken advantage of the opportunity. to break through, go beyond conventional standards, and gain recognition not only in the region but also in the world”.

The Asia Architecture and Design Awards is the first of these awards to kick off and welcomes all applicants to submit during the period from December 2022 to February 15, 2023. The AADA does not limit the number of projects who can be nominated to the awards, from either inside or outside of Asia and welcomes all applicants to submit. The best projects, individuals, and businesses will be honored at the Awards Ceremony taking place in Singapore in July 2023.