ACG Media and AADA Join Forces to Showcase Asian Architecture

by Asia Architecture and Design Awards

With the highly anticipated announcement of the top 100 outstanding projects of AADA 2023, the awards are now entering their final phase, with a meticulous evaluation process carried out by 20 influential experts from various fields. The winners will be unveiled on July 10th, followed by the grand 2023 AADA Winners Gala Night on August 14th.

The collaboration between ACG Media and the 2023 Asia Architecture Design Awards serves the purpose of curating and honoring the remarkable contributions of talented designers and businesses in the burgeoning Asian architecture and design industry. By offering exceptional platforms for international exposure, this partnership promises to foster growth in the architecture and design sector, while creating new opportunities for aspiring candidates.

Having established itself as one of Malaysia's fastest-growing communication, events, and publishing boutique firms, ACG Media brings a decade of experience in publishing home-related magazines to the table. Managing a portfolio of seven magazine titles, two digital platforms, and five industry awards, ACG Media acts as a catalyst that unites the design community, empowering designers to enhance lives and connect with industry leaders. Their recent projects have made a significant impact on raising living standards for individuals across various segments.

Noteworthy among ACG Media's offerings are prominent magazines and websites dedicated to the interior and architectural design industry, the property sector, and branded furniture. Designspeak.asia, an influential website, bridges the gap between clients and designers, while recognizing exceptional brand representation that impacts Malaysia, Asia, and the world at large. Metropolitan Home, a bimonthly magazine launched in 2013, celebrates Malaysia's premier home and living scene, showcasing urban city lifestyles and the best in high-end modern designs and interiors. ACG Media also publishes two annual publications: Designer Concept, the longest-standing bilingual interior design magazine in Malaysia, featuring the newest and most popular commercial interior design ideas, and Commercial Concept, Malaysia's first magazine focused on commercial-centric interior design, highlighting trending designs both locally and internationally.

ACG Media's success in building strong brands within the architecture and design domains extends not only throughout Malaysia but across Asia and the rest of the world. This achievement is a testament to their unwavering commitment to delivering captivating content while fostering solid partnerships with renowned organizations.

Expressing their excitement about the collaboration, a representative from AADA 2023 emphasized the honor of joining forces with one of Malaysia's most prestigious media outlets specializing in design and architecture. "AADA remains dedicated to upholding the award's integrity, authenticity, and originality. We are committed to promoting individuals and entities that have made remarkable achievements and contributed to the betterment of humankind."

ACG Media will continuously provide engaging articles and the latest news about AADA 2023 across its various platforms, ensuring readers stay informed and inspired./.