AADA and Amazing Architecture Collaborate for a Stronger Architectural Community

by Asia Architecture and Design Awards

In a move to enhance the architectural community, AADA 2023 has formed a collaborative partnership with Amazing Architecture as a media partner. 

Established in 2010, Amazing Architecture is a digital magazine dedicated to featuring architecture projects, interior design, products, and future architecture. It provides a platform for budding architects, creatives, and the global community, offering inspiration and insight into the world of architecture.

With a strong presence on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, Amazing Architecture has amassed an impressive following of around 1 million and 2.8 million respectively. Their professionalism and dedication to quality content are expected to further increase their reach in the coming months.

Guided by their vision statement, Amazing Architecture aims to become a leading platform for architecture projects and inspiration, facilitating the evolution of the architectural landscape to be more accessible, economical, and innovative for anyone interested in extending their home or promoting their creativity.

By partnering with Amazing Architecture, AADA 2023 seeks to curate and promote the work of accomplished designers and enterprises in the emerging Asian architecture and design industry. This collaboration aligns with their strategic vision of bringing value to the design community, encouraging sustainable practices, and facilitating knowledge sharing.

Through this collaboration, AADA 2023 gains greater visibility and access to a global audience by leveraging Amazing Architecture's popular online platform, which showcases remarkable architectural projects from around the world. This partnership also enriches the Amazing Architecture platform with award-winning works from Asia, fostering cultural exchange and diversifying its content.

For continuously updated articles and the latest news about AADA 2023 and other topics, readers are encouraged to visit Amazing Architecture's platform on Facebook, Instagram, and their website, amazingarchitecture.com. This collaboration promises to strengthen the architectural community, celebrating excellence and inspiring future generations of architects and designers./.