AADA Chief of Judge: Asian architecture truly stands out due of unique cultural identity

by Asia Architecture and Design Awards

As a Chief of Judge and also a sponsor of AADA, Mr. Alberto Beretta, CEO I.F.O SRL shared his insights on AADA 2023 and Asian architecture.

Mr. Alberto Beretta, CEO of I.F.O. SRL, Chief of Judges for the 2023 Asia Architecture Design Awards.

The 2023 Asia Architecture Design Awards received an overwhelming response from talented architects, designers, and firms from various countries in Asia. The winners represent a diverse range of architectural typologies, showcasing the breadth and depth of talent in the industry. How do you assess the overall quality of the projects participating in AADA this year?

Amidst the multitude of projects, I am pleasantly surprised to find that the average quality level surpasses my initial expectations. While some projects stand out significantly, elevating the overall standard, the average level remains commendably high.

Which project stood out the most to you? And why?

To be honest, it's difficult to pick just one, as several projects have left a lasting impression on me. Silhoutte, Magnificent Curve, The Eclipse, Mai Chau Culture resort, Pennant Thonglor, Dubai Heart, and Naokon all deserve mention. Each project impressed me for different reasons, but I can summarize their outstanding features as follows: an exclusive and unique design approach combined with in-depth research on rare yet innovative elements, resulting in spaces that are not only comfortable but also impactful. The ingenious use of materials, shapes, lights, and thoughtful orientation creates a distinct blend infused with the essence of Asian culture. These projects break away from the typical contemporary designs we often see today and offer a refreshing perspective on architectural creativity.

Project Naokon - 2023 Best Commercial Building Architecture Design

One of the factors that make Asian architecture stand out is the incorporation of its unique cultural identity. How do you evaluate this aspect through the projects participating in AADA? Is there any project that has impressed you?

Asian architecture truly stands out due to its remarkable incorporation of unique cultural identity. Evaluating this aspect through the projects showcased in AADA, I must say that I'm delighted to find some projects that beautifully capture the essence of Asian DNA.

One particular project that has left a lasting impression on me is the Mai Chau Culture Resort. It stands as a shining example of preserving local culture, embracing the indigenous heritage, and adapting it gracefully to the evolving development trends of the times. The project has been designed as a conservation zone, artfully expressing and encapsulating the distinct culture of the Vietnamese nation. What sets it apart is the seamless integration of contemporary modern design elements that add a refreshing touch without overshadowing the inherent cultural charm.

In essence, the Mai Chau Culture Resort manages to strike the perfect balance between honoring tradition and embracing innovation, making it a truly representative and significant example of Asian architecture's ability to harmoniously blend past and present.

Project Mai Chau Culture Resort - 2023 Best Resort Architecture Design

The BEST RESIDENTIAL INTERIOR DESIGN category is highly competitive with a large number of registered projects. With years of experience in this field, how do you evaluate the quality of these projects?

Having considerable experience in this field, I can attest that the BEST RESIDENTIAL INTERIOR DESIGN category is indeed highly competitive, with a significant number of registered projects.

To be candid, my expectations were set for a greater number of high-quality Interior Design projects, given Asia's status as one of the fastest-growing and expansive regions in real estate development, boasting substantial financial capacities. Naturally, one would anticipate a positive impact on interior design due to these influential factors.

Nevertheless, while the overall quality of projects didn't fully meet my initial expectations, I must acknowledge that three projects have truly stood out as exceptional in my opinion. Silhoutte, Magnificent Curve, and The Eclipse have demonstrated a level of excellence that elevates this category to new heights. These projects exemplify outstanding creativity, meticulous attention to detail, and an innovative approach that sets them apart from the rest, ultimately raising the bar for residential interior design.

From the winning projects this year, how do you evaluate the position and potential for development of Asian architecture?

Assessing the winning projects this year, it is evident that Asian architecture holds an immense potential for development. Currently positioned at a high level, it still has ample room for growth, presenting an opportunity to become a global reference in the field.

To fully harness this potential, my suggestion is to focus more on the intricate details rather than solely on the scale of projects. It is the meticulous attention to detail that sets apart exceptional architecture. Emphasizing high-class details, materials, and methods of installation will undoubtedly lead to the creation of truly high-class projects that leave a lasting impact. By refining the craftsmanship and paying attention to every aspect of the design process, Asian architecture can continue to evolve and achieve even greater recognition on the world stage.

Project Silhoutte - 2023 Best Residential Interior Design

As one of the sponsors of AADA 2023, what factors or inspirations have driven the collaboration between I.F.O SRL and AADA?

As a partner of AADA 2023, the collaboration between I.F.O SRL and AADA has been driven by several factors and inspirations.

Firstly, I.F.O SR was established with a strong commitment to delivering high-quality contract interior design services, catering exclusively to VVIP clients, Archistars, and renowned hospitality brands. With the privilege to selectively choose our clients, we have built a reputation for excellence and attention to detail in the interior design world.

Participating in AADA provides an excellent opportunity for I.F.O SRL to gain exposure and recognition in the Asian market. We believe that showcasing our expertise and portfolio at AADA will enable us to expand our presence and connect with potential clients and partners in the region.

On the other hand, we also recognize the value that the Asian market brings to the table. The region is known for its rich heritage, cultural diversity, and a growing demand for sophisticated interior design solutions. By collaborating with AADA and engaging with the Asian market, I.F.O SRL aims to contribute our expertise, particularly in the areas of intricate interior design details and exceptional finishing. We see this exchange of knowledge and ideas as mutually beneficial, as it can help elevate the level of interior design in the Asian market and foster growth and innovation in the industry as a whole.

In essence, the collaboration between I.F.O SRL and AADA is driven by a shared interest in promoting high-quality interior design, fostering creativity, and contributing to the continuous improvement of the design landscape in the Asian market and beyond.

Project Grand Marina Saigon - 2023 Best Furniture Manufacturer

How do you feel now that AADA 2023 has concluded? Do you have any expectations or desires for the competition in the upcoming year?

Firstly, I want to express my heartfelt congratulations to the entire AADA organization team for their remarkable efforts and the successful outcome of the event. I am also grateful to AADA for selecting me as one of the Advisor members, which was truly an honor. As matter of fact I’ll be always grateful to MASTERISE HOMES to give us the opportunity to express our potential also in the Asian Market.

Participating in competitions is always a thrilling challenge that resonates with the human spirit. While we relish the idea of joining the 2024 event, we understand that winning cannot be guaranteed. However, our passion for design and dedication to excellence will continue to drive us forward, and we hope to participate and contribute to the event in the future.

Looking ahead, I.F.O SRL has great expectations for its growth in the Asian market, aiming to establish a reputation as a prominent player in the high-quality interior design contract field. Our desire is to become a reference point for special and ambitious interior design projects, showcasing our expertise and creativity.