2023 BEST


shiri shalom | unisono basin | product design
by Asia Architecture and Design Awards


Location: Hertzelia, Israel

Company: Shiri Shalom | Interior Design

Designer: Shiri Shalom

Manufacturer: Ohad Taib

Stakeholder/Owner: Ohad Stone Tech

The UNISONO basin stands as a testament to the power of intuition, heart, and soul in the creative process. The architect describes how the idea came to life in the depths of the night and how the concept of the showroom revolved around the basin's unique shape and design, which represents a reversed phase.

The UNISONO basin crafted with natural stone, offers a simple yet aesthetically pleasing experience for visitors. The smooth contours and clean lines of the basin evoke a sense of luxury and spa-like indulgence, enticing customers and architects to dream big and explore innovative possibilities in marble design.

The basin's design incorporates the clever use of black accents, infusing drama and elegance, drawing attention to the center of focus. With every project being an album of true dreams and wild imaginations, this floating monument serves as a hint of the main concept – a celebration of the delicate and fine marble processing artistry by an artist.

Crafted with meticulous precision, the UNISONO basin boasts an impressive weight of approximately 800 kg, solely for its marble covering. To achieve the desired structural integrity, the basin was supported by a flattened iron shield, complemented by underfloor cross-bracing to ensure stability and prevent any movement.

The construction of the UNISONO basin was carried out in three stages. Firstly, the crossing bottom shield was welded to the concrete floor, positioned just below the 0.00 level. The second stage involved installing the upper parts of the shield, with one straight and the other diagonal.

After meticulous measurements, the marble cover, the natural brushed infinity stone, was cut and skillfully processed for installation, completing the basin's exquisite appearance.

Shiri Shalom's UNISONO basin showroom has already proven to be an inspiring space that elevates the marble experience to new heights. Architects and designers, accompanied by their clients, find themselves daring to break free from conventional design norms, embracing novelty and adventure in their creations.

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