2023 BEST


Villa At Height
by Asia Architecture and Design Awards


Location: Tehran, Iran

Company: Elements of Architecture

Designer: Arghavan Sheibani

Stakeholder/Owner: Elements of Architecture

Villa At Height, a remarkable 450 sqm penthouse apartment, has been crowned the winner of the esteemed 2023 BEST RESIDENTIAL INTERIOR DESIGN award. The design brief was nothing short of exciting - to create a virtual exclusive country villa within the confines of a city penthouse space.

The concept of Villa At Height revolved around merging transparency on the inside with solidity on the outside, a delicate balance between two contrasting design philosophies. The team removed the preexisting interior layout and embarked on a transformative journey, meticulously crafting an unparalleled living experience that mirrored the exclusivity and charm of a country villa.

Two inner courtyards acted as intermediaries between two independent spaces, drawing inspiration from the privacy concept found in Iranian architecture. This contemporary taste of design was revived within the luxurious penthouse, becoming a personal favorite of the repeat VIP client. Villa At Height aimed to be a modern-day sanctuary suitable for both work and relaxation, dining or entertaining guests, or enjoying quiet moments of solitude while immersing oneself in music or reading.

Delicious attention to detail characterized the design, with multiple textures, materials, and moods creating an atmosphere that was both quietly prestigious and visually captivating. The boundaries between indoors and outdoors were blurred, merging the beauty of nature with minimal restrictions.

The final flow of the design offered controlled views that strategically showcased the surrounding areas to their advantage. The implementation of this design concept was visually striking and exceptionally practical, with every individual element working together harmoniously in a fully compatible environment.

One of the standout benefits of Villa At Height was its hidden detailing and compartmentalization of defined areas, providing a welcoming and compelling user experience. The use of natural materials and luxurious finishes, combined with a complimentary color palette, created a warm and inviting ambiance, making every tour of the property an exciting revelation.

The design also incorporated sustainability features, including full directional natural ventilation and purposeful channeling of daylight. Each space was clearly defined and sectioned with a planned usage, allowing for a seamless flow of entrance and exit, thereby subconsciously stimulating the senses and enriching the client's day-to-day life.

The "Villa in a penthouse concept" was a design triumph, creating a unique and seamless blending of shared access courtyards with the exterior and interior spaces. Elements of architecture celebrated passionate design, featuring exquisite material finishes and meticulous attention to detail.

The team's vast experience as TV set designers added an unparalleled dimension to the design process, allowing for unrivaled expression and innovation. The exploration of visual artistic expression in TV set designs translated effortlessly into the creation of the individual design elements that adorned Villa At Height.

From movable hidden kitchen details that adapt to varying needs, and oversized relaxing bathing spaces, to both private and public courtyards with controlled views, every aspect of Villa At Height catered to the client's utmost satisfaction. The team went above and beyond the client's requests, engineering the design into a next-level experience of luxury, convenience, and ease of use.

Villa At Height stands as a testament to the ingenuity and creative prowess of its designers, showcasing a unique and exclusive urban country villa that captures the essence of modern-day sophistication.

Take a virtual journey into the enchanting world of Villa At Height: