2023 BEST


VCD Waterpoint
by Asia Architecture and Design Awards


Location: Long An, Vietnam

Company: TwoG Architecture JSC

Designer: Nguyen T. Hoang Giang, Diego Maltesi, Tran Quang Vu, Nguyen Duc Thanh Binh, Van Phu Thanh, Nguyen T. Phuong Thao, Ho Van Tien, Nguyen Thanh Nam, Quach Tieu Hong, Nguyen Dang Thanh, Nguyen Huu Thanh, Ly Thanh Duoc / TwoG Architecture team

Contractors: Central Construction Joint Stock Company, An Phong Construction Joint Stock Company, Ricons Construction Investment Joint Stock Company, and others

Stakeholder/Owner: Southgate Joint Stock Company, Nam Long Group

Inspired by the natural beauty of the Vam Co Dong River, the concept for VCD Waterpoint began with a vision to develop a green and self-sustaining new town. Over the years, the project evolved into a self-contained, integrated new town, featuring sustainable and smart management practices.

One of the key highlights of VCD Waterpoint is its focus on green and sustainability excellence. The design intelligently manages water resources, utilizing river tides and rainfall water to connect clusters and residential precincts through canals. These canals serve multiple purposes, including landscaping, irrigation, and leisure activities, benefiting the inhabitants and adding to the community's green and blue environment.

To preserve the natural riverside and minimize the impact on the environment, the project incorporated the expertise of a Japanese Landscape Consultant. The sustainability efforts extended beyond water management, encompassing smart management of lighting, parking, pedestrian and cycling paths, and plantation species. VCD Waterpoint also emphasized the importance of community engagement and identity by creating neighborhood parks and shared spaces. These initiatives aimed to promote outdoor activities, reduce stress, and enhance communal health and happiness.

Differentiating itself from other integrated developments, VCD Waterpoint focused on providing both privacy and public services. The project aimed to offer diverse and high-quality spaces, exceeding the expectations of commercial and secured compounds commonly found in the Vietnamese market. With its mix of low-rise and mid-rise structures, wide boulevards, and integrated public amenities such as shopping centers, schools, hospitals, and sports arenas, VCD Waterpoint caters to different generations and lifestyles.

In terms of function, VCD Waterpoint fulfilled the dual purpose of serving as a new town while providing convenience for families working nearby. The project was strategically designed to offer social, commercial, and leisure amenities within a short walking distance, fostering a sense of community and convenience for residents. Its proximity to the city center and potential for future expansion would attract more urban-oriented clients, leading to the development of denser areas and mixed-use spaces.

The success of VCD Waterpoint can be attributed to the collaborative efforts of the developer, master planner, project managers, and designers. The project stands as a testament to teamwork and recognizes the value of green capital and achievable sustainability.

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