2023 BEST


TwoG Architecture JS company
by Asia Architecture and Design Awards


Location: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Designer: TwoG Architecture JS company

Manufacturer: TwoG Architecture JS company

Stakeholder/Owner: TwoG Architecture JS company

TWOG Architecture, formerly known as HGCC, stands as a testament to the power of perseverance, cultural diversity, and innovation.

The firm's journey began in 2004 with a humble team of just six staff members. Fast forward to 2023, and TWOG boasts an impressive team of 80 professionals, proving their commitment to growth and success. By collaborating with over 30 reputable real estate developers in Vietnam, TWOG has cemented its position as a prominent player in the market.

The transformation from HGCC to TWOG Architecture occurred in 2011 when they joined forces with European partners from Spain and Italy. This merger provided TWOG with a unique advantage - a multicultural team with expertise in diverse design styles, communication, and market competitiveness.

TWOG's philosophy centers on creating functional spaces that offer unique experiences for users while optimizing costs. Rather than focusing on superficial aesthetics, their designs prioritize practicality and sustainability, aiming to leave a lasting impact on the community.

The company has earned a reputation for excellence in master planning, residential housing, and mid-rise buildings. From the conceptual stage to construction completion, TWOG takes on the classical responsibility of architects, resolving problems with elegance and sophistication.

Moreover, TWOG has embraced an Agile approach to project design and development. By assembling teams based on individual strengths, the firm fosters a collaborative environment where every team member's contributions are valued and evident in the final product.

TWOG's positive work culture, open communication, and language-inclusive practices facilitate smoother interactions with clients and partners. The firm's adaptability to virtual communication during the Covid pandemic has further strengthened their client relationships and project management.

The integration of cutting-edge technologies, such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) and in-house rendering capabilities, has given TWOG a competitive edge in the market. By leveraging past experiences and embracing innovation, TWOG remains dedicated to refining their services to meet the dynamic needs of their clients.