2023 BEST


"The Sublimation" - The Ballet Ceramic Embroidery Table Lamp
by Asia Architecture and Design Awards


Location: Vietnam

Company: LEAP ART Vietnam

Designer: Le Thu Huong

Manufacturer: LEAP ART Vietnam & Bat Trang Museum

Stakeholder/Owner: LEAP ART Vietnam

Leap Art, in collaboration with the Bat Trang Museum, has launched a groundbreaking art piece titled "Thang Hoa", a mesmerizing Ballet Embroidery Lamp that marries the elegance of ballet with the richness of traditional Vietnamese craftsmanship.

The idea for "Thang Hoa" was born when the Bat Trang Museum was invited to participate in the prestigious exhibition of dance art, "When we do not let go", which honored classical and contemporary dancers. The presence of Ngo Thuy To Nhu, an esteemed ballerina with almost 50 years of dedication to her craft, left a lasting impression on the creators, and they decided to pay tribute to her through this unique piece.

The lampshade features the distinct ballet foot shape, sculpted from traditional Bat Trang ceramics. The craftsmen engraved the Vietnamese traditional knot pattern into the ceramics and added layers of enamel, resulting in a mesmerizing depth and richness to the piece. The lampshade, made from luxurious velvet, showcases hand-embroidered knot patterns, beautifully connecting the foot and the lampshade in a soft and harmonious manner.

What sets "Thang Hoa" apart is the fusion of materials and techniques rarely seen together in traditional artwork. The collaboration between craftsmen from Bat Trang pottery village and Thuong Tin embroidery village exemplifies the lamp's mission to preserve and promote the values and beauty of traditional Vietnamese culture and craftsmanship.

The labor-intensive process of creating "Thang Hoa" pushed the artisans to explore new techniques and creativity. For the first time, Leap Art combined traditional embroidery, knitting, and fabric filling methods with ceramic patterns, reviving the age-old chrysanthemum embroidery with a fresh perspective. The deep green tones of the flower strings and chrysanthemum petals on the velvet background add dimension and beauty to the lampshade. Crystal beads adorn the embroidery, creating a stunning 3D effect.

The lamp's body, with its ballet foot design, exemplifies the mastery of Bat Trang's traditional ceramics. The intricate daisy flower pattern, etched onto the ceramic, is accentuated by overlapping layers of turquoise enamel, imparting a unique depth and clarity to each piece. The firing process adds further individuality, as each lamp takes on a distinct color based on enamel thickness and firing temperature.

Each lampshade requires a staggering 67 hours of precise hand embroidery, and the ceramic body demands a complex firing process that spans several weeks

Apart from being a work of art, "Thang Hoa" serves as a functional lighting design suitable for various spaces, from homes with Indochinese or European classical architecture to contemporary settings. It transcends the boundaries between lighting and decorative items, aesthetics, and functionality, presenting a rare and enchanting masterpiece that appeals to art lovers and collectors alike.

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