2023 BEST


Shiri Shalom | Showroom design
by Asia Architecture and Design Awards


Location: Herzelia, Israel

Company: Shiri Shalom | Interior Design

Designer: Shiri Shalom

Manufacturer: Ohad Stone Tech

Stakeholder/Owner: Ohad Taib

Shiri Shalom, a renowned interior designer, has successfully transformed the showroom into an awe-inspiring space that celebrates the art of porcelain and marble processing while showcasing the client's unmatched capabilities.

The concept behind the showroom, dubbed "Reversed Phase", stems from the minimalist detail - the client's specialty - and has redefined the boundaries of marble and porcelain processing. This visionary design, which features the first-ever 12 & 4 mm porcelain surfaces with Reversed Phase detailing, has received official approval from marble and porcelain processors worldwide, making it a pioneering achievement for the industry.

Shalom's design ingeniously integrates the Reversed Phase concept throughout the showroom, utilizing various versions and thicknesses to create an exquisite diagonal language that forms the foundation for the entire space. From lighting fixtures to custom-made displays, wall coverings, and flooring, every element in the showroom reflects innovation and creativity, befitting the company's reputation as a cutting-edge processor.

The primary challenge for Shiri Shalom was to demonstrate the immense capabilities of the client while ensuring that the design would take center stage without overshadowing the brand or the manufacturer. To achieve this, Shalom focused on translating the client's long-term vision and business strategy into the physical design, infusing it with an innovative and artistic touch.

In an industry where showrooms are typically designed by manufacturers, Shalom's decision to start from scratch and create a unique space paid off. The showroom's allure has captivated not only architects and designers but also passersby who find themselves drawn to the large-scale windows, eager to explore the marvels within.

The dedication to craftsmanship is evident in every detail of the showroom, as each product designed specifically for this project is named after a musical phrase, reflecting the seamless harmony and composition achieved in the space. For instance, the series of 8 tables crafted for the showroom is called MODUS, drawing inspiration from medieval musical patterns and tonalities, symbolizing the artistic connection between music and design. Even the toilet basins carry the name UNISONO, signifying the synchronization of two pitches moving as one.

More than just a showroom, Shalom's design has become an inspirational space where architects and designers find new ideas and envision brave and unique designs with marble and porcelain. The showroom's success is a testament to the power of innovation, pushing the boundaries of what is possible and inspiring industry professionals to explore new realms of creativity.

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