2023 BEST


by Asia Architecture and Design Awards


Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Company: What Design Studio

Designer: Jessica Cheah

Manufacturer: What Design Studio

The concept behind Silhouette was to create a home that exudes an overall ambiance of elegance and classic color tones while incorporating oriental details into a contemporary design. The team behind the project worked closely with the client to understand their vision and transform their home into a beautiful and sophisticated space that is both welcoming and stylish.

One of the key aspects of the design was the careful selection of a timeless and sophisticated color palette. Neutral tones and muted shades of blue and green were chosen to create a cohesive and harmonious feel throughout the space. This choice of colors beautifully complemented the elegant and classic ambiance sought by the client.

Furniture selection played a vital role in achieving the desired atmosphere. The team prioritized pieces with clean lines and classic shapes, ensuring they were both comfortable and stylish. High-quality materials and finishes added a touch of luxury to the space, enhancing its overall aesthetic.

Strategic lighting choices were made to create a warm and cozy feel. Soft, warm lighting fixtures were carefully placed throughout the space, adding to the elegant and classic ambiance. This meticulous attention to detail in lighting enhanced the overall visual appeal and created a welcoming atmosphere.

The impact of Silhouette lies in its uniqueness within the market. The daring decision to opt for a dark color palette throughout the entire house sets it apart from other residential designs. This bold choice creates a dramatic and sophisticated atmosphere, making the home stand out in the competitive market.

To prevent the space from feeling too heavy or overwhelming, lighter accents and textures were incorporated into the design. Light-colored fabrics, rugs, and accessories were strategically placed to create a dynamic and visually interesting atmosphere. This balance ensured that the dark color palette achieved its desired effect without compromising the overall ambiance.

Another standout aspect of Silhouette was the successful integration of classic oriental details into a modern contemporary design. The team carefully selected traditional elements such as artwork, patterns, and furnishings that complemented the overall scheme of the space. By seamlessly blending these elements with modern design, a unique and visually stunning home was created.

Efficient storage solutions were also a crucial consideration in the condominium space. To maintain a seamless and cohesive look, a feature panel was incorporated into the design. This functional storage solution doubled as a beautiful design element, providing ample storage while blending harmoniously with the surrounding decor.

Innovation played a significant role in the success of Silhouette. Design techniques were implemented to prevent the dark tones from creating a dark and unwelcoming environment. Adequate lighting, contrast, texture, and careful consideration of the overall mood and ambiance created a warm and inviting space that defied the common perception of dark-toned designs.

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