2023 BEST


by Asia Architecture and Design Awards


Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

Company: Saigon – Hanoi Commercial Joint Stock Bank (SHB)

Designer: Design Team - Digital Division - Saigon Hanoi Commercial Joint Stock Bank

Manufacturer: Network Development and Construction Department - Saigon Hanoi Commercial Joint Stock Bank

Stakeholder/Owner: Saigon - Hanoi Commercial Joint Stock Bank

The design concept of SHB - Best Workplace draws inspiration from the symbol of SHB itself - the river. The office interior reflects the essence of SHB's brand value while incorporating new ideas focused on Agile Working. The river symbolizes technology, movement, and continuity between the past, present, and future development of SHB.

Agile working is at the core of the office design, providing employees with multiple working areas and open spaces. This design allows employees the freedom to choose the space that best suits their work, promoting flexibility and collaboration within the company.

Nature is an integral part of the design thinking behind SHB - Best Workplace. The office is adorned with technology trees, rivers, and lush greenery throughout the working areas, bringing nature into the workspace. This purposeful integration of nature creates a refreshing atmosphere and promotes a sense of well-being among employees.

The impact of SHB - Best Workplace is seen through various criteria that highlight its influence and effectiveness. The office design promotes increased interaction and communication among employees by providing dedicated meeting areas and spaces for idea exchange and collaboration. The convenience and comfort of employees are prioritized in the design, with well-arranged work areas, abundant natural light, good ventilation, and environmentally friendly furniture. This not only fosters a collaborative working environment but also ensures a comfortable working space for employees, which contributes to their overall well-being and enhances productivity.

The design of SHB - Best Workplace reflects the identity and values of the brand. It combines traditional elements with new creations to create a unique and differentiated experience for partners, customers, and employees. The office design serves as a visual representation of SHB's tradition while embracing innovation. The creative workspaces within SHB - Best Workplace encourage the development of innovative ideas, collaboration, experimentation, and breakthroughs. These spaces inspire employees to think outside the box and push the boundaries of traditional banking practices.

The project also extends its impact beyond the organization itself and into society. The sustainable and environmentally friendly design of SHB - Best Workplace contributes to reducing negative impacts on the environment. By prioritizing green spaces and sustainable practices, the office design helps minimize greenhouse gas emissions, improves energy usage efficiency, and reduces waste generation.

Furthermore, SHB - Best Workplace sets a benchmark for the banking and financial community, showcasing a better working environment amidst the digital transformation in Vietnam. The office design contributes to providing improved services and products to the community by enhancing employee productivity and efficiency. In addition, the project also stimulates growth in the architectural design industry. The emphasis on Agile Working office design creates opportunities for the industry to further develop. Organizations can invest more in creative and functional office designs, supporting Vietnam's digital transformation efforts.

SHB - Best Workplace's recognition as the winner of the Asia Architecture Design Award 2023 for Best Workplace Interior Design is a testament to its excellence and innovation. The project goes beyond traditional office spaces, creating a remarkable environment that celebrates SHB's brand values, promotes agility and collaboration, and provides a sustainable and enriching experience for its employees.

This achievement not only sets a high standard for workplace design but also serves as an inspiration for other enterprises to invest in creating exceptional work environments that benefit both employees and the community as a whole. SHB - Best Workplace's success is a stepping stone towards a new era of office design in Vietnam and beyond.

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