2023 BEST


by Asia Architecture and Design Awards


Location: RAJKOT, India


Designer: Ishwar Gehi

Manufacturer: Parth Talaviya/ Aditya Talaviya

Stakeholder/Owner: Bhavesh Talaviya

Oscar Infrastructure excels in delivering exceptional value through innovative designs, top-notch amenities, timely project completion, and superior construction quality. Escpecically, Oscar Infrastructure's Oscar Sky Park is a game-changing residential development that sets a new benchmark for excellence in architecture and design.

Oscar Sky Park encompasses 15 towers housing a total of 480 homes, making it an extraordinary residential complex. The project not only provides luxurious comfort and a prestigious lifestyle for its residents but also has a significant impact on the surrounding areas. The construction of the society has led to infrastructure development, improved road networks, and the establishment of essential amenities such as supermarkets and bus stands.

Most notably, the terraces of all 15 towers are interconnected, forming a common terrace loaded with amenities. Residents can enjoy a majestic sky park featuring jogging and cycling tracks, unique gazebos, lamp posts, and lush gardens. The sky park also houses an open gym, a kids' play area, and life-sized games such as chess and ludo.

The opulent clubhouse boasts a stunning design, a green garden area, and unparalleled elevations. It offers an array of amenities including a swimming pool, mini supermarket, theater, multipurpose hall, discotheque, gymnasium, fully furnished guest rooms, and various board and arcade games.

Functionality-wise, each tower is equipped with lifts that connect from the basement parking to the terrace, ensuring convenience for all residents, particularly senior citizens and disabled individuals. To enhance ventilation and natural lighting, two courtyards are strategically incorporated throughout the society.

Oscar Sky Park stands as a testament to their commitment to innovation. The unique curvature of the sky park creates a mega structure, never seen before in Gujarat. The earthquake-resistant design employs M.S. pipes to join the towers, effectively creating separate structures with gaps on both sides. The elevation provides residents with an immersive cityscape experience. Each tower is equipped with an automated water pumping system, ensuring efficient water distribution from underground tanks to overhead tanks. Individual water meters are installed in each tower for precise measurement of water usage. Maintenance-free stone benches are thoughtfully placed in the clubhouse and sky park, offering hassle-free seating arrangements. The captivating upside-down umbrella shape on the sky park adds a natural element and enhances the overall greenery.

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