2023 BEST


by Asia Architecture and Design Awards


Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Company: Kenkoon ex Co. LTD

Designer: Metchanun Suensilpong

Manufacturer: Kenkoon

Stakeholder/Owner: Kenkoon

In an impressive display of ingenuity and artistry, Kenkoon ex CO., LTD., a leading furniture company, has introduced the world to the Monroe Chair. Combining the elegance of Hollywood's iconic star, Marilyn Monroe, and the unique charm of Thai basketry, this indoor-outdoor chair is redefining the boundaries of furniture design and function.

The inspiration behind the Monroe Chair lies in the captivating image of Marilyn Monroe in a white dress, gracefully clutching her skirt as it billows in the wind. This unforgettable moment sparked the idea of creating a chair that would embody the same fluidity, charm, and adaptability. Kenkoon aimed to capture the essence of that image and translate it into a transformative piece of furniture, empowering users to reshape it according to their imagination and needs.

With an unwavering commitment to innovation, Kenkoon envisioned the Monroe Chair as a garden home sculpture that would serve both as functional furniture and an expressive art piece. To achieve this, the designers brilliantly integrated the time-honored Thai weaving technique, reminiscent of the country's rich cultural heritage, into a high-strength stainless steel structure. The combination of stainless steel and specially woven rope is a testament to the company's dedication to utilizing cutting-edge materials that ensure the chair's longevity and durability. By expertly blending the fluidity of weaving work with the resilience of stainless steel, the Monroe Chair stands as a masterpiece that effortlessly bridges the gap between art and furniture.

The Monroe Chair sets an unprecedented milestone in the furniture industry by introducing a deformable function art piece. This revolutionary concept allows users to bend and mold the chair into various shapes, allowing for endless customization possibilities. Whether it graces a public space or a residential garden, the Monroe Chair serves as a captivating art installation, expressing the owner's taste, creativity, and appreciation for culture.

Kenkoon's commitment to sustainability shines through the Monroe Chair's construction. The use of high-strength stainless steel ensures that the chair remains sturdy and reliable, capable of lasting for generations. Moreover, the specially crafted woven rope materials are developed to withstand extreme weather conditions, including UV exposure, moisture, heat, and dust. This ensures the chair's resilience in both indoor and outdoor settings, making it a truly versatile addition to any space.

As the first deformable function art piece in the furniture market, the Monroe Chair stands as a trailblazer in the industry. Kenkoon's innovative approach to design has garnered widespread acclaim from design enthusiasts and professionals alike. The fusion of Hollywood glamour and Thai cultural artistry has captured the imagination of many, making the Monroe Chair a must-have for those seeking unique, stylish, and functional furniture.

The Monroe Chair's transformative capabilities make it an ideal choice for any interior designer looking to create dynamic and ever-evolving spaces. Its ability to seamlessly adapt to various décor styles, whether Eastern or Western, Modern or Contemporary, positions it as an indispensable centerpiece in any design project.

Monroe Chair stands as a celebration of beauty, culture, and imagination. Drawing inspiration from an iconic Hollywood star and infusing Thai weaving techniques into the design, the chair transcends conventional furniture, becoming a work of art in its own right. With its transformative nature and commitment to sustainable materials, the Monroe Chair embodies the company's vision of pushing the boundaries of furniture design and creating pieces that inspire and delight.

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