2023 BEST


by Asia Architecture and Design Awards

Location: Hoa Binh, Vietnam
Company: The Modern Touch
Designer/Architect: THE MODERN TOUCH
Stakeholder/Owner: Mai Chau Hidden Charm

Geared as a cultural resort, Mai Chau Culture Resort was born out of a desire to preserve and promote the country's traditional cultural values and connect visitors with nature and people at Mai Chau.

With a total area of up to 80,000 square meters, The Mai Chau Culture resort is situated in Hoa Binh City, encircled by a lush mountain forest, and has various contemporary amenities. The project is favorable to the environment and built according to eco-trends. Utilizing the cultural identity of the Thai ethnic community that lives here, the natural scenery is used as the main topic. The planning assures the preservation of a special cultural space, harmony with the environment, and compliance with 4-star resort standards. Not only may guests unwind here, but they can also get fresh inspiration. The main goal is to preserve the culture of White Thai people in particular.

The project satisfied 3 criteria: Preserve and promote white Thai culture; Build on natural terrain, say no to land exploration and Protect the environment, and have sustainability & maintenance.

To express and preserve the distinct culture of the Vietnamese people, the project was created as a conservation area. This has been set up with activities that support the aforementioned orientations, such as a museum, library, theater, festival area, food court, traditional market, etc. Each room at Mai Chau Culture Resort is surrounded by a sizable, cool green garden, which creates a sense of tranquility and closeness to nature. The resort is entirely built on undeveloped hills and mountains and features a variety of traditional games, which can assist visitors in feeling calm and refreshed while still having fun in the outdoors.

Mai Chau culture resort was built associated with the concept of preserving nature, storing and promoting culture with great national pride. Therefore, visitors to Mai Chau Culture Resort will get a genuine taste of country life in a Thai village. They can stay in stilt homes, interact with indigenous Thai people, learn about white Thai history, visit the resort's cultural museum, eat traditional food, and participate in traditional outdoor activities.

Additionally, the resort frequently works with natives to plan festivities throughout the year such as the Xen Ban Festival, Xen Muong Festival; Gau Tao; Cha Chieng; and rain praying ceremonies,... The traditional occupation communities in the region are visited on organized trips.

By using 90% local resources for the building, developing consistency with local color, and being environmentally responsible, the owner hopes to create a nostalgic yet contemporary living area.

About technology, B.I.M software was used to minimize shrinkage and bring the best architectural solution.

The design team strives to include White Thai cultural elements into numerous architectural features while combining harmoniously classic and modern architecture, not just in terms of the environment, fashion, and food, but also in terms of every architectural idea. This is done to leave a lasting impression on visitors and keep the resort moving forward with the idea of "cultural preservation". Some prevalent examples such as the 4-side slope roods - inspired by Muong - the Tay ethnic group houses, some roofs formed by the Pieu scarf - a type of Thai women's traditional outfit, and some others shaped of the “Cup Bua” hat of Thai people…

In terms of design components, this project uses a steel framework, faux wood, and native bricks, covered in lime and red sand. Local environmentally friendly materials are used, like bamboo, wood, brick, sand, etc. Other materials employed include Thyrsostachys siamensis, denatured wood, Hoa Binh black stone, thatched roof, and faux rammed earth walls.

Whether you seek cultural enrichment, outdoor adventures, or simply a tranquil escape from bustling city life, Mai Chau Culture Resort provides an authentic and memorable experience that celebrates the beauty and charm of Mai Chau's culture and nature.

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