2023 BEST


by Asia Architecture and Design Awards


Location: Imphal, Manipur, India

Company: Huidrom Design Studio

Designer: Suresh Huidrom

Manufacturer: Huidrom Design Studio

Stakeholder/Owner: Manipur Tourism Forum

Nestled at the base of Maibam Lokpa Ching (Red Hill) in the picturesque state of Manipur, the Imphal Peace Museum commemorates the Battle of Imphal, which brought an unprecedented scale of violence to the region during WWII. Despite the devastation on their soil, the Manipuris demonstrated an unparalleled humanistic tradition, harboring no bitterness towards any of the warring sides and extending humanitarian aid to any needy soldier.

The 6500 sqft. gallery of the Imphal Peace Museum presents a poignant narrative of Manipur's history, artfully blending the archaeological finds of WWII with a celebration of the state's rich cultural diversity from the 1940s to the present day. Through carefully curated exhibits, visitors are taken on a journey that contextualizes the war's impact on the local community and its awakening to the modern world.

Designed with meticulous attention to functionality, scientific rigor, authenticity, and the collective character of the people, the museum beautifully integrates natural materials to harmonize design, nature, and culture. Wood, with its material qualities and cultural connotations, takes center stage, exemplified by the entrance wall where rice straw and mud clay blend to expose the patterns of unpolished wood. The design also incorporates a bamboo bridge, further highlighting the museum's commitment to sustainable and locally sourced materials.

Local materials such as black clay mud from lakes and rivers, unpolished timber called Khangra (Dipterocarpus tuberculatus), bamboo, and Burma Teak woods are skillfully used throughout the museum. The insulating material, a mixture of clay mud and rice straw, complements the bamboo structural frame to provide a sustainable and durable wall-build system.

The display space of the Imphal Peace Museum is thoughtfully divided into two equal sections. The first section depicts the intensity of war, while the second is divided into two sub-sections - "post-war" and "life & culture" - showcasing the region's resilience and the people's recovery.

Since its grand opening, the Imphal Peace Museum has emerged as one of the most popular destinations in Manipur, attracting over 30,000 visitors despite facing closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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