2023 BEST


Hispania Nha Trang Restaurant
by Asia Architecture and Design Awards


Location: Nha Trang, Vietnam

Company: Eurostyle

Design team: EuroStyle Studio.

Design Director – Master of Architect: Giahuy Michael

Leader Designer: Bui Thanh Phuc, FF&E: Nguyen Thuy Vy

Designer: Le Hoai Nam, Ninh Duc Phu

3D Graphic: Dao Pham Thanh Tung

Investor: KDI Holdings

Hispania Nha Trang Restaurant is Hispania's first "imprint" in the entire Asian region, coming to Vietnam as the first Michelin-starred restaurant in Asia, run by a Michelin-starred chef - Marcos Moran. The presence of Hispania Nha Trang Restaurant not only helps to promote tourism in Khanh Hoa province but also to enhance Vietnam's place on the global tourism map.

Because Hispania is a Michelin-starred brand, Hispania Nha Trang Restaurant must be standardized from Concept Design to Drawing Implementation, Construction Implementation, and Operation. As a result, the execution procedure must be exceedingly exact and stringent. A novel part of the concept is the use of materials to express organic elements in the design. Green, ease of operation, and aesthetic criteria must be met.

Hispania Nha Trang Restaurant's design is also inspired by Spanish architecture, which has been well-known for its mesmerizing Flamenco dances as well as for being a holy country of global cultural heritage with renowned buildings that captivate people's hearts. Being a marine nation, water plays a crucial role in defining the Spanish style. When paired with the curves of arches, the smooth lines of water can be observed in little detail on ceilings, walls, and interior decorations, resulting in a very original yet beautiful composition.

The dominant colors are white and beige, with hints of copper-red and sea blue. In Mediterranean cities, white walls with a faintly textured appearance are popular, while wave-like metal accents replicate the undulating lines of the sea, establishing a continuous connection across the entire structure. Looking into and drawing inspiration from typical images in Spanish architecture, this project uses modern architectural techniques to create a new, liberated, and open-minded sensation to create a sophisticated and refined space for enjoying Spanish cuisine right at the breathtaking seaside.

Take a virtual journey into the enchanting world of THE HISPANIA NHA TRANG RESTAURANT: