2023 BEST


by Asia Architecture and Design Awards


Location: Quy Nhon, Vietnam

Company: Pegasus Investment & Consultancy

Designer: Design Lab

Investor: Pegasus Investment & Consultancy

Nestled in the serene coastal town of Quy Nhon, often regarded as an obscure gem with its mesmerizing natural landscapes and rich cultural heritage, DHAWA QUY NHON stands as a living gallery that curates an exhibition of life, taking guests on an immersive journey through the vibrant festivals and local traditions. The resort seamlessly blends imaginative design, absolute comfort, and a touch of audaciousness, resulting in an all-encompassing experience for every visitor.

As part of Banyan Tree's Dhawa brand, the resort is tailored to design-savvy travelers who seek distinctive and stylish experiences in unique destinations. DHAWA QUY NHON embodies this philosophy by striking a perfect balance between luxury and unconventional boldness, symbolizing the essence of the narrative behind its creation.

With its diverse spatial allocation comprising the main building, hotel, villa, and leisure cluster, each zone of DHAWA QUY NHON boasts its own distinctive vibe and mood: welcoming, relaxing, and indulging. The resort's design narrative unfolds into three sub-categories - the Festive Collection, the Homescape Collection, and the Fun & Feast Collection - each capturing a different aspect of Quy Nhon's cultural treasures.

The Main Lobby, aptly named the Festive Collection, greets guests with warmth and delight, taking inspiration from traditional opera plays, martial arts, and card games. The Hotel & Villa, known as the Homescape Collection, offers a relaxing ambiance, drawing inspiration from the surrounding natural beauty, from the fields to the ocean. The Leisure Cluster, represented by the Fun & Feast Collection, takes cues from coastal dwellings, creating an atmosphere of joy and celebration.

Beyond its striking design and inviting ambiance, DHAWA QUY NHON takes pride in embracing intangible aspects of the local culture, such as traditional festivals, crafts, and scenic beauty. The resort serves as a medium to introduce and preserve the craft villages in Quy Nhon, allowing travelers to witness the grandeur and historical significance of local elements, and fostering cross-cultural interactions between guests and locals.

By incorporating elements of the local community, such as natural materials and crafts, the project not only supports the livelihood of residents by providing job opportunities but also generates economic benefits for artisans, promoting the region's cultural tourism on the global stage.

Situated on tiered platforms cascading towards the seafront, DHAWA QUY NHON harmoniously blends with its surroundings, utilizing locally-sourced natural materials to accentuate the rustic charm and raw beauty of the region.

With its daring design scheme, vibrant colors, and captivating cultural inspirations, DHAWA QUY NHON stands as an exceptional resort destination, setting a new benchmark for the hospitality industry and promising travelers a transformative and unforgettable experience in Quy Nhon.

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