2023 BEST


DFI Office
by Asia Architecture and Design Awards


Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Company: Sontani+Partners

Designer: Sontani+Partners

Manufacturer: Lentera Inovasi Abadi

Stakeholder/Owner: PT Diamond Food Indonesia

Sontani+Partners, a renowned architectural firm, has completed its latest project, the DFI Office, a vibrant and flexible workspace for Diamond Food Indonesia (DFI).

The office's design concept, "Playful Nostalgia", draws inspiration from the company's motto, "Delivering Joy", and reflects the cherished food and beverage products distributed by DFI since its inception in the 1970s. The office embodies a modern interior infused with local culture and classical elements, fostering a collaborative and innovative atmosphere while considering the well-being of its users.

DFI Office's design concept cleverly amalgamates modernity with a hint of sentimental familiarity. By combining elements from Indonesia's local culture and classical design, the office environment fosters a sense of nostalgia, evoking cherished memories of childhood while simultaneously promoting creativity and flexibility.

The heart of DFI Office lies in its open-plan layout, encouraging a collaborative and synergy-driven spirit among personnel. Unlike traditional office typologies, the workspace utilizes an open and fluid design with minimal walls, allowing for seamless communication and collaboration among employees. Private meeting rooms provide a space for confidential discussions, while the rest of the office remains an open canvas for innovative ideas to flourish.

Every aspect of the workspace is flexible and multi-functional, enabling easy modifications to adapt to evolving needs and uncertainties, such as those posed by the pandemic. This adaptability also aligns with the company's rapid growth, ensuring the office can swiftly respond to changing requirements and government health mandates.

Recognizing the importance of user well-being, Sontani+Partners prioritized a design that promotes a healthy and comfortable environment. Materials and furniture were carefully selected to create a welcoming atmosphere while ensuring ease of maintenance and high levels of sanitation. The office features terrazzo textured homogenous tiles, teak wood textured SPC flooring, and low pile carpet tiles, all of which are low maintenance and easy to clean, contributing to a hygienic and safe working environment.

The layout of the office is thoughtfully designed to ensure ample access to natural sunlight for all rooms, reducing eye strain, boosting concentration, and enhancing workers' moods. Additionally, numerous areas throughout the office provide spaces for relaxation and rejuvenation, promoting employee well-being and productivity.

Sustainability and Environmental Impact were also central to the project's design. DFI Office partnered with environmentally conscious vendors, such as BYO Living and SMJ, to incorporate recycled materials in the office's woven rattan paneling and low VOC carpet tiles, reducing its environmental footprint and creating a positive impact.

Due to the pandemic's restrictions on construction, Sontani+Partners implemented several strategies to increase realization efficiency. The repeated use of materials, including walnut wood panels, woven rattan screens, homogenous tiles, SPC flooring, carpet tiles, and concrete-textured paint, not only created a cohesive aesthetic but also reduced execution errors, saving time and budget.

To minimize construction delays, prefabricated panels, screens, and padded fabric walls were utilized, allowing quicker on-site assembly and reducing material waste.

The DFI Office's design seamlessly incorporates technology to enhance safety, efficiency, and sustainability. An air purifying system integrated into the air conditioning system improves air circulation and quality, promoting a healthy working environment.

Embracing a paperless office approach, DFI encourages staff to work and share files digitally, reducing paper usage and promoting sustainability. Smart screens installed in meeting rooms facilitate brainstorming sessions with both in-office and remote teams, streamlining communication, and boosting productivity.

The DFI Office serves as a testament to the firm's commitment to innovative and sustainable design, solidifying DFI's position as one of Indonesia's leading distributors and importers of refrigerated, frozen, chilled, dairy food, and beverage products.

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