2023 BEST


CBRE Hanoi Office
by Asia Architecture and Design Awards


Location: 7th Floor Capital Place, Hanoi, Vietnam

Company: Vacons

Designer: Linh Nguyen, Phuc Nguyen, Thinh Dao, Phuong Vi, Vinh Bui from Vacons Design Team

Manufacturer: Vacons

Stakeholder/Owner: CBRE

CBRE's Hanoi office embraces the Workplace360 design concept, aimed at increasing interaction and work efficiency among employees. The result is a young, dynamic, and joyful workspace that not only showcases the brand's identity but also fosters a sense of collaboration and well-being.

One of the key features of the office design is the incorporation of biophilic principles, promoting a connection to nature and enhancing social interactions among employees. Green spaces, plants, and natural materials are thoughtfully integrated into the reception, working areas, and collaboration spaces, creating a relaxed and inviting atmosphere that encourages employees to interact and collaborate with one another.

The CBRE Hanoi office stands apart from traditional office spaces in several significant ways. First and foremost, the design takes into account biophilic design principles, focusing on natural elements and sustainability. Unlike regular offices that prioritize functionality and aesthetics alone, CBRE's office demonstrates a commitment to environmental impact and employee well-being.

To reduce its carbon footprint, CBRE incorporates environmentally sustainable materials, such as recycled or low-impact materials. Energy efficiency is also a top priority, with the office using renewable energy sources like solar and wind power, along with energy-saving measures like LED lighting and insulation. The office's waste management plan includes recycling and composting programs, promoting sustainability, and responsible environmental practices.

A distinctive aspect of the office design is the infusion of local elements that pay homage to traditional Hanoi colors and textures. Grey, yellow, and green accents throughout the space create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, celebrating the vibrant culture of the region.

There are 4 key features of CBRE Hanoi Office Function Design: Reception - Open and Collaborative Spaces - Modern Workplace - Applied Innovation Solutions. The reception area sets the tone for visitors and clients, exuding a welcoming and professional ambiance. A sleek and modern design featuring plants, concrete, and wood elements ensures a lasting first impression. Open and Collaborative Spaces of CBRE's office fosters collaboration through open and inviting spaces, including a large communal workspace and meeting rooms with glass walls that encourage communication among employees. Modern Workplace includes ergonomic and modern furniture, such as standing desks, adjustable chairs, and comfortable couches, emphasizes CBRE's dedication to providing a comfortable and efficient work environment for its staff. And the last one, Applied Innovation Solutions including Lighting Control Systems, Acoustic Solution Systems, Interactive Whiteboards, and Smart Furniture. All of those 4 key features play an important role to create a dynamic and professional environment but still make employees feel like home.

The CBRE Hanoi office exemplifies a workplace designed with a forward-thinking approach, prioritizing employee well-being, sustainability, and collaboration.

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