2023 BEST


BMW Millennium Auto - Pattanakarn Srinakarin
by Asia Architecture and Design Awards


Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Company: V2 Design Studio

Designer: Wisute Sukphong, Navaphong Trivaranont, Chalermchai Dusitsutirat, Thanwathep Khaosam-ang, Phimchanok Ongpao

Manufacturer: TCM Construction.

Stakeholder/Owner: Millennium Auto Group

The world of automotive brands has undergone significant evolution and transformation to align with the growing awareness of global warming and sustainability. As customers seek more than just a product, the BMW Millennium Auto project steps up to the challenge, presenting a new flagship showroom that offers a diverse and compact space, housing the entire spectrum of BMW models. From standard to high-performance (BMW M) and the rising number of electric models (BMW i), this showroom is designed to cater to the changing consumer behaviors and demands in a post-pandemic world.

With an area of over 11,000 sqm located on Pattanakarn Road, the project's vertical expansion was a strategic choice, considering land value and utilization. The architectural response to this challenge involved the ingenious use of a "Split Level" strategy, creating step-by-step visual connections that allow easy access to the different functions across lower and upper levels through stairs and a glass lift. This innovative approach led to the creation of five dedicated display settings, each aligned with specific product segments, beautifully situated around the central atrium and glass lift.

However, BMW Millennium Auto - Pattanakarn Srinakarin is much more than just a showroom; it is a true brand experience. The design approach of "SHOWROOM = BRAND EXPERIENCE" has revolutionized the customer journey, integrating adaptive and immersive media to offer diverse and direct experiences. Sales teams have the opportunity to customize storytelling in dedicated zones, culminating in a memorable Test-Drive experience. The Handover experience becomes a focal point, celebrating the joy of owning a BMW with a photogenic personalized digital backdrop, capturing the essence of the moment.

In addition to these engaging experiences, the showroom boasts spaces for interactions, such as an auditorium and long-span displays, serving as venues for marketing activities with customers, brand partners, press, and media. The still and motion pictures from these events become essential digital content resources, creating infinite synergy between the digital and physical realms.

The BMW Millennium Auto project carefully crafts a holistic experience, stimulating all senses to convey the brand essence of BMW. Upon arrival, visitors are welcomed with soothing music and aromatic scents, setting the tone for an unforgettable journey. As they explore each dedicated car display, visual backdrops, thematic sound, and first-hand experiences further immerse customers in BMW's story.

A remarkable feature of the showroom is the placement of a grand piano at the center of the atrium, accompanied by a beverage bar. This central location serves multiple purposes, facilitating activities such as new car sales, after-sales services, and handovers, creating a seamless and versatile space for customer interactions.

By expanding direct experiences beyond the visual to encompass strong holistic senses, BMW Millennium Auto - Pattanakarn Srinakarin elevates the brand experience to unprecedented heights. The incorporation of these sensory elements in an automotive retail setting is a rare and remarkable achievement, making the project a trailblazer in enhancing product experiences and leaving an indelible impression on the BMW brand.

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